Falls City

Our Leadership

NorthRidge Church believes in the elder-led church. It also has congregational decision making involvement. The day to day leadership, shepherding, and decision-making are done by the pastors, staff, and ministry team leaders, under the guidance and oversight of congregation approved, biblically qualified men.

Elders at NorthRidge Church:
Galen Ackerman
Doug Clark
Jason Drahota
Tyler Frederick
Chris Geyer
Bill Glace
John Jost
Paul Kaeb
Rich King
Tim Krehbiel
Cale Lang
Jerry Leuthold
Barry Metzger
Garrett Michael
Dustin Millsap
Andrew O'Brien
Mike Oom
Charlie Robinson
Anthony Schmid
Bill Simpson
Paul Simpson
Michael Stevens
Craig Strahm
Robert Sunderland
Brian Voos